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About the HACC

"We were not pioneers ourselves but we journeyed over old trails that were new to us and with hearts open. Who shall distinguish?"                                              – J. Monroe Thorington

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HACC Trips 1981-2011

Founded in 1981, the Hide-Away Canoe Club paddled historically inspired canoe expeditions across Canada north until 2010. This website will display and preserve a record of those trips as well as links to research and further info on wilderness canoeing in northern Canada

HACC Members

Michael Peake                  Governor

Geoffrey Peake                 Chief Guide

Sean Peake                        Research Director

Andrew Peake                   Quartermaster

Archdeacon Peter Scott   Chaplain

Peter Brewster.                  Squire & Piscine Director

Tom Stevens                      Director Golf and Tennis

Andrew Macdonald          Guide Director of Reconnaissance

Tom Peake                         Deputy Governor

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