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Shortly after the HACC named a river for Eric Morse in 1985, CBC Radio's Morningside program interviewed Eric Morse and Michael Peake to talk about the trip and the reason behind it. Peter Gzowski was the host. Eric Morse died in 1986.

The group photo on the left is from The Voyageurs' 1959 trip down the Camsell and Great Bear rivers. L-R: Omond Solandt, Sigurd Olson, Denis Coolican, Tyler Thompson, Eric Morse, Blair Fraser, Harry Fast (only trip with the group) and Elliot Rodger.This group paddled a number of historic routes in the 1950's notable the Churchill River which was immortalized in Sigurd Olson's classic book The Lonely Land.

Eric Morse CBC Interview - Morningside with Peter Gzowski
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Following an appearance on CBC's Morningside by Sean Peake on the explorer David Thompson, Geoffrey Peake wrote a letter evoking what it is like to travel the far north in the footsteps of history. The photo to the left shows the Back River leaving Garry Lake the morning after the events described in Geoff's letter from August 1985.

Geoff Peake Letter to CBC - Morningside with Peter Gzowski
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In September 1993, the four Peake brothers were interviewed by Peter Gzowski on CBC Morningside. Michael, Sean and Geoffrey were in Thunder Bay enroute to a canoe trip in Quetico Park and David Andrew was in Toronto with Gzowski.

Photo (left) on Lynx Lake, NWT July 1995 l-r Andrew, Sean, Michael and Geoff.

4 Peake Brothers on CBC - Morningside with Peter Gzowski
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As part of a CBC Morningside national morning radio show series on small publications, Che-Mun publisher Michael Peake appeared with Peter Gzowski to talk about his canoeing journal then in its infancy c. 1986.

Che-Mun on CBC - CBC Morningside
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