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Che-Mun was the quarterly newsletter of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing published by the HACC from 1984-2015. We are happy to make them available to the public starting with the final 20 Outfits.

Click on each issue to download a PDF. It was sold as a yearly subscription originally and later as a full colour journal and PDF. There are still some back hard copies left and every issue is available as a PDF.

Originally started as a photocopied newsletter by Nick Nickels of Lakefield, Ont. in 1973, Che-Mun, Ojibwe for canoe, was taken over by Michael Peake a year after Nick retired in 1983 after Outfit 37. It was then upgraded to a printed version and became full colour with Outfit 140 in the Spring of 2010.

Soon PDFs of every Outfit of Che-Mun will be here. A listing of stories in Outfits 120-160 is below plus a link to the full index.

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Che-Mun Back Issues 120-160

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Outfit 120 – Canada By Land trip Report – Across the Continental Divide in Mackenzie’s track by Duncan Thomson, Lost Labrador canoeists’ canoe found on Korok River with photos. Book Reviews; Bloody Falls of the Coppermine, The Happy Camper by Kevin Callan, Obits – James Houston and Andrew Brown NGS, Photo essay – The Mystery of George Simpson’s Mt Royal Grave.
Outfit 121 – 50/100 years in story and photos - Churchill River trip of 1955, Hubbard-Wallace Expeditions of 1905, James Raffan on George Simpson’s grave, George Drought’s exploding Back River stove, To Ungava By George (River) by Will Lange, Feature on on Borealis Paddling Expedition – Wollaston Lake to Chantrey Inlet, Reviews – Every Trail Has a Story and Paddling & Hiking Ontario’s Southern Shield Country, Notes from Bill Layman and Lynda Holland’s Barren trip on Hanbury-Thelon rivers.
Outfit 122 - George Douglas 1911 on cover, Naskaupi River Journal 2005 by Philip Schubert, Down a Dead Man's River on 1966 trip down the Dubawnt River after Moffatt, Book Reviews: The Woman Who Mapped Labrador, Common Plants of Nunavut. Map of current Hydro-Quebec dams and diversions.
Outfit 123 - Lake of the Woods to Coppermine in 122 days by the Marshall brothers, Che-Mun Index Outfits 38-120 Part I, Reviews; Three Rivers (Yukon), Killarney & the French River by Kevin Callan, Reprint reviews; True North by Elliott Merrick, Sleeping Island by P.G. Downes, A Death on the Barrens by George Grinnell. Letters from Philip Schubert and Kjarton Bergsvaag. Canadian Canoe Museum's Open Letter on the 1976 Lake Timiskaming Tragedy.
Outfit 124 – Cliff Jacobson paddles the chilly Snake River, Yukon. Che-Mun Index Outfits 38-120 Part II, Photo of Jeff Traversy sitting in George Douglas' Lands Forlorn cabin in 2005, Book Reviews; Ten Rivers by Ed Struzik, Being Caribou by Karsten Heuer. Letters from Aland Kesselhein, Blair Richardson, Bill Layman and Jeff Traversy.
Outfit 125 – Lake Superior death of veteran paddler Herb Pohl and a tribute article to him by Larry Ricker with photos; Battles with Barrenland Bob - tripping fly-in terror tales; Father & son tripping in Killarney, Book Review; The Voyages of Martin Frobisher by Robert McGhee; In Memoriam for Beverley Peake.
Outfit 126 – Rupert River diversion begins (with map); Broadback River trip journal and photos by Lester Kovac. Book Review; Terra Nostra by Jeffrey Murray; Topo map termination plan terminated.
Outfit 127 – Solo down the Swollen George River - almost. Online PDFs of historic canoe books, Korok River park planned, Artists on the George River, the antics of Barrenland Bob - a Bad News Outfitter, Trans-Arctic Canoe Expedition preview.
Outfit 128 – Northern Crossing trip preview, Canoe Atlas of the Little North review, Temagami camp history, Twin Otter reborn, Quetico and Beyond by Kevin Callan review, Water for Future Generations expedition update, letters from John Lentz, David Pelly and Stew Coffin.
Outfit 129 – A look and read about the Petit Mecatina River in Quebec, Review of Herb Pohl's Lure of Faraway Places, The Keewaydin Way rev., Capturing the French River rev., Moving Waters rev. Prince River, Nunavut trip report, NWT outfitter troubles - Packet.


Outfit 130 – Northern Crossing trip report - Reindeer Lake to Stony Rapids via the Fond du Lac River, Shooting the Partidge River by Andy Breckinridge. Emperor of the North, The Northern Horizons of Guy Blanchet, Wilderness Ontario, Voyageur book reviews.
Outfit 131 –Across Pike's and Peake's Portages to the Sea. Artillery Lake to the mouth of the Back, Book reviews; Measuring Mother Earth, Beneath My Feet, Arctic Spectacles, Keele River reminiscences, Che-Mun offers 4 books for sale.
Outfit 132 –Lands Forlorn The Classic Northern book is finally reprinted with new hand drawn maps, online free downloadable Canadian Topographic maps. Book reviews, Nahanni Journals (R.M. Patterson(, Bill Mason Wilderness Artist, All Things are Possible (Verlen Kruger bio), Return of the Caribou to Ungava, Explorers Guide to Algonquin Park. Preview of David Pelly's upcoming book The Old Way North.
Outfit 133 – Charles Lindbergh's 1931 northern hops, book reviews; Lands Forlorn, The Lost Canoe, Paddle Your Own Kayak, Paddling Partners, Two teen do Sevareid route to Hudson Bay, Woods Canada gets sold, Rupert River rapids spread and new diversion reports, Eastmain River 1973 trip report - during the LG2 construction, Al Pace at the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Outfit 134 – Cross Words; examining the illegal removal of Blair Fraser's cross from Algonquin Park; Pukaskwa, a family HACC trip on Superior's shores, Beaver Club Dinner report, Philip Schubert completes the George River - solo: Book reviews - The Old Way North and A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador (reissue).
Outfit 135 – Beverly Caribou Herd Warning - Letter from Alex Hall, Submissions to uranium development hearings in the north, 1300 miles Crane Lake to Pelican Narrows in 1977, Book reviews: Wild Rivers of the Yukon's Peel Watershed, Race to the Polar Sea, How Peary Reached the Pole, HACC at the Beaver Club Dinner.
Outfit 136 – Christopher Chapman interview on the making of Quetico (1958) with Bill Mason - Kuujjua River, Cambridge Island trip report, Review of Headless Valley DVD - Letters from David Finch and Justin Trudeau, Book reviews: Trails and Tribulations, As affecting the fate of my late husband, Lands Serene, The Dangerous River.
Outfit 137 - HRH Prince Andrew gets Walter Walker Canoe in June 1978, Justin Trudeau letter, Boys into Men on canoe trips article, Walter Walker archive photos, McPhayden River trip in Labrador, Romaine River to be dammed, More on Beverly Caribou herd.
Outfit 138 - Ken McGoogan on Arctic tourism, Through the Heart of Ungava (vis Charpentier and Leaf rivers), Bloody Falls Boardwalk, John Silbar's gruelling journey,Walter Walker obituary, Reviews: Arctic Inspired, The Writings of David Thompson and Quetico.
Outfit 139 – Robert Mullen down the George and Kogaluk rivers, P.G. Rush paintings of the north, The Beaver magazine disappears, letter from Pukaskwa
Outfit 140 – When Caribou Reigned by Alex Hall, Rupert River photos by Ian Diamond, Trans-Ungava train?, book reviews; Pike’s Portage, River Rough River Smooth, This is Canoeing DVD.



Outfit 141 – Keele River NWT, Duke Watson and Dick Winslow obits, Down the Mountain River with Dad, Cliff Jacobson letter, book reviews; Late Nights on Air, Great Bear, A Journey Remembered.
Outfit 142 – Wabikimi Wanderings by Tim Farr, letter from the Quebec crater, Bob Henderson’s Conference on the Burnside, Arthur Heming Voyageur painting, book review Grey Owl and me by Hap Wilson.
Outfit 143 – 40 years Paddling North by Brian Gnauck, monster spawning char pic, Are Pakboats the future?, 250-year old birchbark canoe uncovered, digital maps and iPads, photo of canoes on Back River near Consul River.
Outfit 144 – Draining on the Bloodvein by John Clement, Kirk Wipper memorial, Thomson and Tyrrell treasure trove, Walter Walker exhibit at Canoe Museum.
Outfit 145 – Fond du Lac River trip report from 1963, a new-style tump line, Rupert River before and after photos, Plan Nord arrives, 1912 Ungava map.
Outfit 146 – HRH Prince Andrew on the Horton River, Celebrate Sahtu, Hurontario kids do the full Missinaibi by Tom Peake, book reviews; Travels of David Thompson edited by Sean Peake and Sleeping Island, new edition.
Outfit 147 – Paddling through red tape on the Puvirnituq River in Ungava by Chris Rush, historic 1919 HBC film unearthed, book reviews; Boundary Waters Canoe Camping &The Sacred Headwaters and Advanced Classic Solo DVD by Becky Mason.
Outfit 148 –First run down Nunavut's Lorillard River north of Baker Lake. More news on the Return of the Far Fur Country. Book Reviews of Oberholtzer's Bound for the Barrens and P.G. Downes' Distant Summer's Vol I.
Outfit 149 - Finding the discarded cross from Blair Fraser memorial in the Petawawa River. A run (and walk) down the Petit Mecatina 1973. Book Reviews: Distant Summers Vol II, The Greatest Lake,, The Return of Caribou to Ungava. Photo from Wilderness Paddlers Gathering.


Outfit 150 – Pixel paddling - don't fool around with those rapids photos. Tracking Mr Tyrrell - Brian Johnston trip report across Barrenlands to Hudson Bay on some of J.B.'s routes. Hanging with Cliff Jacobson. Visiting The 100 year old cabin of Steffansson.
Outfit 151– Attacking the Notakwanon in Labrador. Arctic Ordeal becomes Arctic Ore Deal with Izok Lake proposal. Letters to the Granddaughter review. Google Street View in Cambridge Bay. Map of Quebec's Plan Nord.
Outfit 152– Arctic wolf chews on a canoe on Victoria Island. Ungava Rivers review by Laco Kovac and Lynette Chubb on the George, Vachon, Caniapisau, Puvirnituq rivers. The Devil's Grin by Toni Harting.
Outfit 153–Canoeing the William River in northern Saskatchewan by Blair Richardson. .Book review- Yukon Dreams by Damien Tremblay. Who killed the Royalex Canoe? Rafting in the Verdun Gorge, France (photo).
Outfit 154–Cross Redux - Returning Blair Fraser's Cross to the Petawawa River by Roy MacGregor. Book Review - Tales from the Paddle by John Lentz. A note on the passing of Toni Harting. From Royalex to Twin Tex - new canoe material.
Outfit 155–Announcing the ending of Che-Mun. Canoeing Ungava's Nastapoka River. Book Reviews - Harold Innis and the North and The Peace Athabasca Delta. Labrador Passage trip details. Canoe trip Journaling on an iPad.
Outfit 156–Coastal paddling on Victoria Island. A Circumnavigation of Algonquin Park by Kevin Connor. Rupert Remembered from Che-Mun 64. Book review - A Thelon Odyssey - W.H.B. Hoare. Stikine River view from 1984 by George Luste.
Outfit 157 - Peter Marshall on Labrador mishaps tracing Mina Hubbard, HACC Retrospective I - Missinaibi, Rupert and George rivers, Book Review on Barren Grounds and The Strange & Dangerous Voyage of Cpt. Thomas James, Historic Canadian Field Naturalist articles online, view of the original Che-Mun covers from the 1970s.
Outfit 158 - Minnesotans paddling in Canada over the years, HACC Recap II Morse River Expedition (Dubawnt, Thelon and Back rivers). Ungava Crossing and Leaf River and Ungava Crater and Povungnituk River, Thelon Canyon photo, Eric Morse and Herb Pohl photo,
Outfit 159 - Romaine River hydro update, 1970 Franklin Expeditions on Yellowknife and Coppermine rivers, HACC Recap III, Churchill River, Across Ungava, Kogaluk and Payne rivers, Lands Forlorn trip vis Dease, Kendall and Coppermine rivers, McDougall Pass via Rat and Porcupine rivers, Back Blaze and Top of a Boulder reviews, David Thompson maps recalled, Tree River char.
Outfit 160 - THE FINAL ISSUE. HACC Recap IV; George River, Winisk River, Labrador coast, Palmer and Korok rivers. Letter from Cliff Jacobson. 1967 Voyageur Canoe Pageant and photos, every Che-Mun cover from 38-160. Inheriting a Canoe Paddle review, In Memoriam: Eric Ayalik Pelly.


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