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Che-Mun Outfits 38-160 available to download

Che-Mun was the quarterly newsletter of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing published by the HACC from 1984-2015. We are happy to make Outfits 84-160 available for free PDF download.

Click on each issue photo (141-160) or the name below to download a PDF. Che-Mun was sold as a yearly subscription originally and later as a full colour journal and PDF. There are still some back hard copies left and almost every issue is available as a PDF.

Originally started as a photocopied newsletter by Nick Nickels of Lakefield, Ont. in 1973, Che-Mun, Ojibwa for canoe, was taken over by Michael Peake a year after Nick retired in 1983 after Outfit 37. It was then upgraded to a printed version and became full colour with Outfit 140 in the Spring of 2010.

Below are links to every Outfit of Che-Mun that we published except, as noted by the *,  Outfits 40 and 46 which will be added later. A link to the full Che-Mun index is below.

CHE 160 cover.jpg
Che 159 cover.jpg
Che 158 cover.jpg
Che 157 cover.jpg
Che 156 cover.jpg
Che 155 cover.jpg
CHE 154 cover.jpg
Che 153 cover.jpg
Che 152 cover.jpg
Che 151 cover.jpg
Che 150 cover.jpg
Che 149 cover.jpg
CHE 148 cover.jpg
Che 147 cover.jpg
Che 146 cover.jpg

Che-Mun Back Issues 120-160

CHE 145 cover.jpg
CHE 144 cover.jpg
Che 143 cover pic.jpg
Che 142 cover.jpg
Che 141 cover pic.jpg
Che 40*
Che 46*
all che.jpeg
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