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Povungnituk 88 July 15-August 15, 1988
Raglan Lake to Povungnituk
Povungnituk River, Lepelle River, Nantais Lake, Decoumte River, Povungnituk River
Michael and Geoffrey Peake, Peter Scott, Peter Brewster
The Start

Air strip at Raglan Lake, top of Ungava Peninsula.

Water over ice

Headwater lake of Povungnituk River July 15, 1988

Thin ice

Peter Brewster gets grabbed by Geoff Peake as he falls through the rotting ice in headwater lake

Go with the floe

Top of Povungnituk River is mostly frozen

Ice and clouds

At the highest elevation in Quebec, the clouds flew by quickly.

Ice drag

Sometimes the ice was solid which made for easy dragging.

Upper POV

As the elevations drops the Povungnituk begins to flow.

Late sunset

Lovely evening light the night before we walk in to the crater.

Crater Walk

The 5 km walk into the crater with reduced loads.

Crater view

Our campsite after walking 5 km into the Pingualuit Crater. We left our canoes near the river.

Chubb Crater

A composite view of the two mile wide crater lake, now frozen.

Crater rest

A nice sunny off day camped on the rim of the Pingualuit Crater - originally called Chubb Crater.

Last look

Getting ready to leave the crater which just looks like a hill from river level.

Frozen tight

This lake south of the crater was easy to cross.

Interlaken camp

Lovely evening on the route south from the Crater.

Wet way south

Heading south to Nantais Lake overland.

Rocky road

A tough carry over thousand of loose rocks enroute to Nantais Lake.

Slush Lake

The heavy cement of ice in Nantais Lake. We had to wait for it to pass.


Geoff Peake searches for the entrance to the Arparlituk River which drains Nantais Lake south to Klotz Lake.

Bou watching

The caribou started to appear once we got south of Nantais Lake.

Crossing bou

Caribou cross the head of the Arparlituk River in Nantais Lake.

Upper Arparlituq walk

Geoff Peake has an evening scout the night before we head down the Arparlituk which had never been canoed in our research.

Bou ridge

Caribou line the ridge above the Arparlituk to avoid the bugs, which were few.

Good run

Peter Brewster and Geoff Peake running a rapid on the Arparlituk River.

Canoe crossing

Rapid out of Couture Lake where we caught Arctic Char.

Char fillets

Superbly fresh Arctic Char.

Camp rapid

Heavy rapid by camp on Flaherty's Povungniuk River,


Massive wind storm on August 8, 1988.

POV.8888. canoes

Riding out the massive wind storm on August 8, 1988.

Last big drop

The last big drop on the Decoumte River before in goes into Povungnituk Lake,

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