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HACC Trips

Year       Destination                     Miles/days

1981 French River, ON - Fur Trade Route 100/5
         Missiniaibi River, ON - Fur Trade Route 350/16
         Quetico/Grand Portage -Fur Trade Route 150/14

1982 Rupert River, Que- Fur Trade Route 400/16
         Ogoki-Albany, ON- Recreational Route 150/10

1983 Amable du Fond & Mattawa R. - Fur Trade Route 40/2
         Dumoine River, Que - Recreational Route 100/5
        George River, Que - Historic Route 400/14
        From headwaters to Ungava Bay

1984 Pukaskwa River, Ont - Recreational Route 100/9
 Lake Superior - Fur Trade Route 300/15
Thunder Bay to Michipicoten.

1985 Morse River Expedition - Historic Route 1000/55
Dubawnt, Thelon & Back Rivers, NWT. Named river flowing into
Garry Lake after Eric W. Morse. Crossed 3 heights-of-land.

1986 University River, Ont - Recreational Route 75/5
 Leaf River. Quebec - Historic Route 400/24
from Clearwater Lake across height-of-land to Leaf R. to Ungava Bay,
Que following A.P.Low’s and Roberty Flaherty’s 1911 route.

1987 Quetico - Recreational Route 100/10

1988 Povungnituk 88 - Historic Route 350/28
from the headwaters of the Povungnituk River to Klotz Lake and over to
Hudson Bay, Que. retracing the 1912 lost route of Robert Flaherty.

1989 Churchill River - Fur Trade Route 350/15
From Patuanak to Pelican Narrows, Sask.

1990 Across Ungava - Historic Route 400/27
up the Koglauk and down the Payne Rivers, Que. First trip on this route

since the 1940's - follows part of Robert Flaherty’s route.

1990 Nahanni River, NWT - Historic Route 400/12

1991 Lands Forlorn - Historic Route 250/23
Great Bear Lake to Coppermine, NWT via Dease & Kendall rivers.
Following the 1911 route of George Douglas.

1992 Heart of the North - New & Historic Route 400/28
Great Bear to Coppermine via Hepburn R.

1993 Petawawa River - Recreational Route 80/5
         Quetico Park - Recreational Route 150/12

1994 Across the Arctic Mountains - Historic Route 250/23
Ft. McPherson NWT up the Rat & down the Bell & Porcupine rivers to
Old Crow, YK on gold rush and trade route across continental divide.

1995 Arctic Land Expedition - Historic Route 1000/50
Lake Athabasca to Garry L. via the Tazin, Taltson, Thlewiaza,Thelon,
Hanbury, Baillie & Back rivers. The lost route of Dr. Richard King
R.N. Proposed in 1845 but never undertaken.

1996 BWCA, L. Superior ON & MN - Fur Trade Route 50/6
Along fur trade route with PBS crew filming Anyplace Wild show.

1997 North to Ungava, QC– - Historical route 350/17
North to Ungava Bay on Quebec’s mighty George River.

1999 Winisk to the Bay, ON - - Historical route 250/15
North to Hudson Bay on Ontario’s scenic Winisk River.

2001 Labrador Odyssey, Nfld- Lab & Que 250/23
From Saglek Bay on the Labrador Sea through the Torngat Mts via the
Palmer River and down the Korok River to Ungava Bay.

2007 Northern Crossing, Sask & Alberta. 300/18

Reindeer Lake to Black Lake following David Thompson route

and the Fond du Lac River to Stony Rapids.

2010-11  Keele River, NWT     300/15

Two trips down the Keele River to the Mackenzie River and

downstream to Fort Norman (Tulita).

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